Nepal - Porters - Pictures

A selection of photos of Porters at work.

Female Porter With Heavy Load Little Porter, Big Load 15 Years Old Porter Carrying Fire Wood Female Porter Carrying Fire Wood
Little Old Porter, Big Load 19 Year Old Porter Carrying A Huge Rock ! Porter At Namche Porter At Namche
Porters At Namche Porters At Namche Porter At Rest Which Is Biggest  Porter Or Load
11 Year Old Porter Young Porter Carrying Dinner Young Porter
Porters Young Porters Note The Steep Rough Track And Weight Of Load Young Porter His Short Legs
His Small Frame More Steep Rough Tracks & Heavy Loads I Hope You Enjoy The Beer Can It Get Steeper Or Rougher
Guess The Weight. Over 100 Kg Another Guess The Weight On A Swinging Bridge Young Porter
Beasts Of Burden. Men & Animals Young Porters Young Porter On Right Carrying Over 80kg Of Rice Young Porter Carrying Over 80kg Of Rice
Young Porter Couple Young Porter Three Young Female Porters Three Young Female Porters
Balanced Load Bend The Knees How Old This Porter
How Old This Porter Yes. They Do Get Tired Yeah. Porters Also Get Sore Feet

If you would like to read comments on a holiday when these photos were taken, go here.

Last updated 24 May 2006.