Swimming with Whalesharks

To snorkel with whale sharks, I went out on a boat from Exmouth, Western Australia. On the way out we saw two hump back whales and a couple of manta rays, which whetted our appetites in anticipation.

Three trips into the water enabled me to snorkel along-side and below three huge whale sharks, which were between 3 and 5 metres long. The first time I went overboard, I swam quickly to the guide in the water, who indicated a whale shark was below. I shoved my head under and was stunned to see this mammoth creature with a wide open mouth heading straight towards me. They are so big, I could easily imagine going straight down its throat. Fortunately, they only eat krill and small fish.

Swimming along with these graceful, placid creatures, was a superb experience which I hope to enjoy again one day.

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Last updated 13 October 2006.